Urban NG Container


The Urban container has its own wheels to move it on the ground and easily mount it on the BicyLift trailer. In this way, the transfer of objects between different modes of transport (intermodality) is greatly facilitated. By separating the load carrier from the trailer itself, new perspectives on logistics organization are obtained.

The NG (New Generation) container is the evolution of the basic container initially created. It has total openings on the front and back, offering easy and comfortable access to its interior.

To optimize its volume and routes according to the workflow, the NG can be compartmentalized in different ways:

Fixed shelf: can be positioned at the desired height (at 7 cm intervals), with 80x60 cm tray;

Sliding shelf: With a surface area of ​​80x60 cm, this rail-mounted tray is fully removable (like a drawer without walls)

  • €1,800.00

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