HP Gekko 26 + motor Ciclotek Ebikefy


After its experience with the US market, HP Velotechnik launches the Gekko 26 in Europe, its most affordable and probably the simplest trike. But not for that reason lacking in benefits.

The Gekko 26 is based on the Gekko FX 26 frame, with some clear differences:

- It does not incorporate a folding system , so the weight is reduced. Even so, the seat does fold, with the advantage of being able to reduce its height a little due to the need to transport it.

- A one-piece frame offers greater resistance, so the load capacity is expanded to 150 Kg .

- Greater seat height and ground clearance . Therefore, it is more comfortable to use for people with a lower degree of mobility, and at the same time, it offers more options off the asphalt.

- Shorter wheelbase, which translates into greater maneuverability .

- Closed configuration , with traditional SRAM chainrings and sprockets with 24 speeds and front hydraulic brakes.

- Unique lime green color.

- Delivery time of only one week.

This model is perfect for anyone who wants to get started in the world of trike without spending a lot of money and be sure that they are getting a product of the highest quality.

Regarding its luggage capacity, it allows you to carry 2 conventional saddlebags and can be equipped with accessories such as headrests, rearview mirrors, mudguards and other accessories of all kinds.



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  • The photographs are for guidance only, to show different configuration options and components, so they are not contractual in nature.

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- Tipo: tadpole
- Ruedas delanteras: 20 pulgadas
- Rueda trasera: 26 pulgadas
- Suspensión delantera: no
- Suspensión trasera: no
- Sistema de plegado: no
- Tipo de dirección: indirecta
- Cuadro: Aluminio 7005 T6

- Distancia entre ejes: 109 cm
- Anchura de pista: 78 cm
- Anchura total: 83 cm
- Anchura del manillar: 58 cm
- Longitud total: 175-210 cm
- Altura total: 83 cm
- Altura plegado: n/d
- Anchura plegado: n/d
- Longitud plegado: n/d
- Tipo de asiento: malla
- Ángulo del asiento: 39-47 grados
- Altura de la base del asiento: 38 cm
- Anchura del asiento: n/d (malla)
- Profundidad del asiento: n/d
- Altura del eje del pedalier: 40,5-49 cm
- Altura mínima al suelo: 18,5 cm
- Diámetro de giro: 4,70 m (rueda exterior)

- Para tallas comprendidas entre 160 y 200 cm
- Para tallas X-Seam comprendidas entre: n/d
- Peso: desde 16,9 Kg
- Peso máximo admitido: 150 Kg
- Garantía: cuadro garantizado 10 años para el primer propietario


- Sistema de marchas de 8x3 velocidades
- Desviador delantero Shimano
- Desviador trasero SRAM X4
- Frenos de disco hidráulicos Shimano BR-MT200 en ruedas delanteras
- Cubiertas Schwalbe Road Cruiser
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