Mango Plus

Mango Plus

The Mango Plus is the simplest version of the Mango, and therefore the most economical. The shell differs from the Sport model in that the rear is wider and there is no ridge present. This allows more space to transport luggage behind the seat. In addition, the wheel arches are somewhat wider, to allow the use of thicker tires.

The Mango is a fast and agile velomobile, built with daily use and user comfort in mind. It is widely configurable so that the user has a machine made to his liking.

From the point of view of cycling as a means of transport, and not merely sports, the Mango allows a very efficient use of energy. Aerodynamics, weather protection and a wide range of gears and a double chain system.


  •    Low center of gravity
  •    Wide track width for greater stability
  •    Independent suspension on each wheel
  •    Low transmission loss and very low maintenance
  •    Great flexibility to select different gear systems and even engine
  •    20 "wheels with single-sided axles, to facilitate wheel maintenance


  •    Length: 245 cm
  •    Width: 75 cm
  •    Weight: 32.5 Kg
  •    Turning diameter: 8 m
  •    Seat angle: 30-40º
  •    Shimano PD-A520 Pedals
  •    KMC Z82 Chain
  •    Shimano Tiagra 170mm 52-39d chainrings


  •    The price of this velomobile does not include transport.

  •    The photographs are for guidance only, to show different configuration options and components, so they are not contractual.

  •    The indicated price (if indicated) corresponds to the basic model, without extras or accessories, depending on the minimum standard configuration (that is, the most economical), and may not correspond to any or all of the photographs.

  •    Due to continuous technological development by manufacturers, we cannot guarantee that the technical data sheet and list of components are fully updated. For current pricing and options, please contact us.

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