Mango Sport Red Edition

The Mango Sport Red Edition is an improved and very complete version of the Mando Sport. The transmission has been made based on competition components. This model also has the Aerotop and the competition hood in carbon.


The Mango is an agile and fast velomobile, designed with an emphasis on everyday use and comfort. It is manufactured in Stadskanaal, in the northeast of the Netherlands. Sinner offers great flexibility of options and components.

With a velomobile in general, and with the Handle in particular, the use of your own energy is optimized to make the vehicle a super efficient and practical form of personal transport. Thanks to its improved aerodynamics, optimal protection against bad weather and various transmission options.

The Mango is provided with a double chain circuit, one for the part that goes from the chainrings to an intermediate sprocket and another from there to the rear wheel. This facilitates the mounting of different gear bushings, as well as the installation of an engine.

Visual enhancements (non-technical):

  • Compact shape, maintaining aerodynamics
  • Ample space for luggage.
  • Optimal protection against the elements, especially with the optional travel hood.
  • Small turning diameter and great handling stability.
  • Good degree of safety provided by the protective fairing, roll-over protection and a large visual area

Technical improvements:

  • Very comfortable handling characteristics thanks to a low center of gravity, three-wheel suspension and a long wheelbase.
  • Minimal loss of efficiency in the transmission, integrated in the fairing and easily accessible, which facilitates and reduces maintenance tasks and costs
  • The intermediate shaft allows different transmission options like internal gears, 10 speed cassettes and even motors.
  • All wheels (20 ") are supported by single-sided axles, which facilitates the repair of possible punctures.


  • Length 245 cm
  • Width 75 cm
  • Weight 27.5 Kg
  • Height 73 cm
  • Seat inclination angles 35-40º


  • The price of this velomobile does not include transport.

  • The photographs are for guidance only, to show different configuration options and components, so they are not contractual.

  • The indicated price (if indicated) corresponds to the basic model, without extras or accessories, depending on the minimum standard configuration (that is, the most economical), and may not correspond to any or all of the photographs.

  • Due to continuous technological development by manufacturers, we cannot guarantee that the technical data sheet and list of components are fully updated. For current pricing and options, please contact us.

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