Comfortably transports up to 300 kg

The Wuppdi is the ultimate in professional-use bicycle cargo trailers. The 300 Kg that it is capable of transporting in comfortable and safe conditions exceeds the capacity of any other trailer. And it is designed to be functional, durable and very low maintenance.

The wheels use aluminum rims of the same type as those used in motorcycling, which offer very high resistance. Its 35 cm high walls support and stabilize the load, with different points to attach tension straps.

The front part of the trailer has a compartment with a key lock.

With pedestrian safety in mind, the Wuppdi is equipped with an integrated lighting system, which complies with German vehicle signaling regulations.

Attachment to the bicycle is carried out using an advanced quick-release anchoring system, which attaches to the seat post of any bicycle in just a few seconds.

Steel and high quality materials are used in the construction of the chassis, which allows it to transport 300 Kg in safe conditions. The automatic braking system with hydraulic brakes is activated when the bicycle brakes, relieving it of the thrust of the heavy load of the trailer. The braking cables are integrated into the frame to prevent them from being exposed and being damaged by possible friction or minor impacts. The rear wheel deflectors prevent the trailer from getting stuck with street furniture objects while driving.

Thanks to its very low center of gravity, transporting objects is safer and can be stacked higher than other cargo bicycles and tricycles.

The steering system allows turns of up to 180 degrees, with a minimum turning radius and extraordinary maneuverability.


The brake cylinder, including the expansion tank, is located in the small size of the inertia brake system. Designed to make maintenance as easy as possible, it is only necessary to open the cover to perform brake maintenance.

In manual towing, the brake is activated by operating the brake lever. And for safe parking of the trailer, the handle has a locking pin.


The hitch has been designed as a universal connection between cargo trailer and bicycle. The clamp hugs the seatpost and attaches quickly and easily to different seatpost diameters.


Two motorcycle brake discs with a diameter of 200 mm and a thickness of 3.5 mm, made in Europe, are responsible for braking or stopping the trailer quickly and safely. The braking system is well integrated into the frame to protect its integrity.


  • steel frame
  • Blue color RAL 5015 (can be manufactured in other colors upon request)
  • Universal fixing system (to the seatpost)
  • inertia brake
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • aluminum wheels
  • Compartment with key closure
  • stainless steel fenders
  • Lighting system (front and rear taillights/reflectors)
  • Charging base dimensions: 66 x 165 cm
  • Loading volume up to 1.5 m3
  • Load capacity up to 300 Kg

Paneled version:

  • Cradle base dimensions: 66 x 165 cm
  • Material: rigid PVC, light, robust and waterproof

Closing canvas box:

  • Raincoat
  • Interior dimensions of 165 x 65 x 60 cm
  • Internal volume of 0.65 m3
  • Case Materials: Rigid PVC/Aluminum
  • Cover Material: 680g/m2 premium quality PVD canvas with eyelets and tension rubber
  • Color: Ral 5015 - can be manufactured in other colors upon request


  • Overall dimensions: 2,368 mm x 976 mm x 695 mm
  • Charging base area: 1,650mm x 650mm
  • Width at rear axle point: 976 mm
  • Ground clearance: 210 mm
  • Maximum load capacity: 300 Kg
  • Loading volume of 1.5 m3 with an approximate load height of 1.4 meters
  • Empty weight: 65 Kg
  • Wheelbase: 1,728 mm
  • Turning diameter: about 230cm
  • Braking system consisting of two double-piston hydraulic brakes and 200 mm discs
  • 16-inch aluminum wheels with 16x2.50 tires

  • €3,999.00