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Posted by Jason Harris on

Excess is boring, and we are fully aware of this.

For this reason, and even though at 3ike we sent newsletters in dribs and drabs , we know from experience that your email inbox can be filled with this type of communication every day.

And, even if the content interests you, that bombardment becomes saturating.

We don't want to be one more, and that's why we decided to take a step forward towards a less invasive form of communication .

In addition to social networks (mainly Instagram, but also through Facebook and on our blog), everything we have to announce publicly (advertising, news, etc.) we will do so through our Telegram channel ( https:/ / ) . If you have Telegram, you just have to subscribe to be aware of news when there is any. And if you don't have Telegram... I assure you that it is worth installing it.

Our content will be about recumbent bikes, velomobiles, cargo bikes, trailers and curious solutions for cycling that goes outside the line marked by the vast majority.

And you already know that we are close... you can contact us whenever you want (almost) by phone, WhatsApp or email.

We will wait for you!

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  • Oh que pena! Con lo que me gustaban los newsletters! Pero ya estoy suscrita al canal de Telegram que está súper bien. El Telegram es una gozada, como 3ike!

    Andrea on

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