But ... these bikes weren't just for people with reduced mobility?

Absolutely! Many people think that tricycles, because of their stability thanks to the three wheels, have been designed for people who cannot, or do not know, ride a normal bicycle. But it is not like that, it is simply a different modality than the bike, but incredibly comfortable and fun.

It is true that, being so easy and stable, tricycles are ideal for people who do not enjoy full mobility.

How to order?

On our website you can directly purchase any product in the catalog, except bicycles or complete trikes. To buy a bicycle or trike it is necessary that you contact us, as the process is more complex than pressing a purchase button.

Everything else can be purchased directly through the web.

If you have doubts, you cannot find a product or the system does not allow you to buy it, we can manage your order by phone, at 656 91 96 71.

Can I order from the Islands?

For orders from the Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, please make them by telephone, due to the procedures that these orders usually involve.