Mobile and Ecological Advertising

At 3ike we also offer you the possibility of hiring our vehicles for specific needs, such as mobile advertising campaigns or events in which you would like bicycles or cargo tricycles to appear.

Advertising campaigns with Velomobiles

Spot made for the German Sparkasse (Savings Bank), recorded in Madrid, showing one of our velomobiles as an example of ecological mobility:

Cargo bicycles and tricycles

The boxes of the cargo bicycles are fully labelable, offering a large advertising surface, and what is better, in a vehicle that is totally respectful of the environment and loaded with positive connotations in this sense.

Nihola Posterbike

Babboe Pro Trike XL

If necessary, a box could also be made to suit your needs. We are flexible and can offer you a wide range of options, helping you find the most profitable solution for your event.

Alleweder A6

Contact us to find out our availability of bicycles and their possibilities.