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If you are a recumbent lover, and especially if you are thinking about purchasing a HP Velotechnik bicycle or tricycle soon, read this now .

The first and most urgent thing: price increase.

Every two years, HP Velotechnik updates the prices of its models according to production costs. The price difference ranges between 100 and 500 euros, depending on the model. The new rate applies from November 1, so you can benefit from the current prices if you place your order until October 31 inclusive.

Special Edition: closed configurations of the best-selling models, available without waiting.

HP Velotechnik has made a selection of the most successful models with the most typical configurations to offer customers the possibility of purchasing a trike or bicycle without the need for a long wait of up to 6 weeks. They are models already prepared to ship - yes, with a closed color and component configuration -. At the same time, an interesting discount is obtained compared to a similar configuration made on paper. Highly recommended.

You can find the Special Edition (SE) models on our website, and they are as follows:

New motorizations: Neodrives Z20

All HP Velotechnik vehicles can be optionally configured with the Neodrives Z20 rear hub motor. A powerful and very quiet motor, which will be available from November 1 for models with a 26-inch rear wheel, and from spring 2020, the 20-inch version. HP Velotechnik will continue to supply Shimano Steps motors.

New accessories available:

Side support for handlebar bags . They were already available in other brands, including universal and compatible with HP Velotechnik, but the German brand has just launched its own accessory. It is used to use a traditional bike handlebar bag on a recumbent tricycle. It is placed on one side of the seat and its contents can be accessed without leaving the seat, even while driving. The support does not compromise the foldability of the trikes but it does prevent the Gekko models from moving by dragging once folded. See

Upper rack for Scorpion 26 rack . With the launch of the Scorpion trikes with a 26-inch rear wheel, HP Velotechnik designed a low rack (to keep the center of gravity low) and no top rack, which made it impossible to fit a top bag. Users missed this, and a few years later, it launched the grill as an independent accessory. This way, anyone who wants to attach a top bag can do so, but anyone who prefers to carry only a pair of saddlebags does not need the rack. The grill does not restrict the folding capacity of folding models. See

Universal accessory mount . A universal mount that improves the placement of accessories on the handlebars. Until now, a horn-type support was necessary, with less versatility and functionality and depending on the gear system used, this conditioned its placement. The universal support allows you to carry any device (mobile phone, camera, GPS) at a height that is comfortable for viewing and handling by hand. See

Second cover for Gekko seats . For those looking for extra comfort on their Gekko trike, HP has designed this breathable, extra padded seat cover that also provides the feeling of a wider seat. This cover does not compromise the folding of the trike but it does limit the folding of the seat. See

Gekko seat angle adjuster . If you find that the seat of your Gekko is too reclined for your liking, you now have an adjustment plate that serves to increase its verticality. It attaches to the top anchorage of the seat and provides 9 more degrees of verticality. This accessory can be removed at any time. See

If you need more detailed information about any of these news, please contact us .

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