Pelso/Brevet, the new European-made carbon mid-racer

Posted by Jason Harris on

The Pelso/Brevet is now ready for sale, a mid-racer type road bicycle, made entirely of carbon and with qualities to be one of the fastest bicycles on the market. And definitely faster than any upright road bike.

The Pelso/Brevet has been designed to be easy to ride for both experienced recumbent cyclists and newcomers to the world of 'recumbent bikes'. The medium height of the seat makes it easy for anyone, even those not very tall, to put their foot on the ground easily without losing balance.

It is available in two frame sizes, medium and large, to serve cyclists from 165 cm to 200 cm tall. You can also choose between two types of handlebars and front fork... and it can be purchased as a frame kit so you can build your own bike from components you keep from other road bikes.

Both the frame, the seat and the fork are made entirely of carbon, making it a great bike for maintaining high average speeds even in mountainous areas.

Get to know it by clicking on its corresponding file:

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