Test your cargobike for 3 months before keeping it!

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Which manufacturer or store would allow you to rent a new cargobike for 3 months for a minimum price to know if it is really what you need? ...and, if you really don't like it, can you return it?

So far, no one.

Now, Riese & Müller and specialty stores like 3ike.

The e-bike manufacturer Riese & Müller has launched a renting program, aimed at companies and small businesses , to acquire the Packster and Load cargo bike models under very advantageous conditions.

The program eliminates the uncertainty for the buyer by offering the possibility of trying the bike for 3 months for a price you will think you never heard correctly. If at the end of that period, you are not convinced, you can return it.

The features of these models are so extraordinary that we know that, except in absolutely exceptional circumstances, the user will not want to get rid of it.

The models offered by Riese & Müller under these conditions are the Packster 60 and the Load 75 Load Edition . They are preconfigured models and selected specifically for this offer.

Among the requirements required to be able to start renting, is the contracting of insurance that covers possible damage to the bicycle and civil liability . In addition, the renter must be a businessman or self-employed person and any possible configuration of the bicycle must be oriented towards commercial use.

If you want more information, write to us at info@3ike.es, or better call us at 656 91 96 71.

You can also find out more on the Riese & Müller website: https://www.rm.de/es-es/rent/

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