Banana L saddlebags

Radical Design

The Banana L recumbent saddlebags are best suited for long-distance cycling trips with full equipment.

Its 2x35 liter capacity, anchors for side pockets or bottle holders, as well as mesh pockets for small items, allow you to carry everything you may need on the go.

Because bicycles or trikes with 20" wheels can sit quite close to the ground, these panniers are more suitable for medium-height bicycles and trikes. Like all Banana models, the L size ones attach well to both mesh seats. as in hard shell seats.

Its multiple anchor points and three straps will give you many ways to attach it to your bike.



- Fijación a: asiento + portabultos
- Necesario portabultos
- Dimensiones: 67 x 20 x 35 cm
- Peso: 1.080 g
- Material: Cordura 500 Gridforce
- Fabricación: Holanda
  • €265.00

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