Triobike Cargo Big


The Triobike Cargo Big is the bike with the highest cargo capacity in its class ( Long Harry ). Thanks to its charging base increased by 30 cm in length, the front space is enormous and can be used both by limiting it to the width of the bicycle and by expanding it to the width of the handlebars.

The Cargo Big has an extended cargo bed measuring an impressive 107cm in length, giving you tons more space for all kinds of things: bigger boxes, bigger plants, bigger TVs or more comfortable (and bigger, too) kids. , with legs stretched. This size basically means that every fourth trip is free! It is an incredible solution for fast and sustainable urban delivery.

Extra long, extra strong

Nothing has been left to chance in the design of the enlarged version of the Triobike Cargo. The frame has been reinforced along all key pressure points to make it capable of handling industrially demanding conditions. The extended central tube gives it extreme rigidity and is completely stable under heavy loads.

Heavy loads, light bike

Every component of the Triobike Cargo Big has been carefully designed to ensure it is as light as possible. This means it is faster and more agile in urban traffic.

Forget about sweating

With the integrated motorization you will no longer fear hills, even with the platform fully loaded. The powerful Brose Drive S central motor, with its 90Nm torque, does all the work for you in complete silence. The display will allow you to control the battery level, distance and speed, as well as select the level of assistance you want.

Brake like a Formula 1

The Triobike Cargo is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, the best technology to stop even with the platform fully loaded and in the best safety conditions, just by applying a little pressure on the levers.


You also have all the accessories available for the Triobike Cargo for the Cargo Big - only bigger! Plywood panels, seats and hoods. You also have a box to transport two children and an air-type transport box, super resistant and theft-proof, to keep your cargo safe at all times.

Air transport boxes

When you run a small business, time is money. With a secure box like the Flight Case Box on your Triobike Cargo Big, your urban deliveries, in addition to being fast, are protected from theft - and shocks -. You have the box in two sizes (260 liters or 435 liters), it is light, waterproof and very resistant. It is delivered with a security closure so you can move easily anywhere.

Children's space

With 62 cm of internal width, the Triobike Cargo Big is one of the two-wheeled models with the greatest lateral space to comfortably carry two children. The seats are soft, comfortable and free of harmful chemicals, PVC or heavy metals. They are made in a wide variety of colors and look great. For rainy days you have the optional hood, for one or two children. The fun awaits you!

Driving on rails

Thanks to the steering rod, handling is very comfortable and agile. To facilitate steering and smooth out sharp turns under heavy load, Triobike offers a steering damper.

Walk in silence

The Triobike Cargo can be optionally equipped with the Gates Carbon belt transmission system and the Enviolo (formerly Nuvinci) internal derailleur, which will provide you with unprecedented smoothness of driving. The combination of these elements will make you forget about maintenance, too. Can you ask for more?



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* Cuadro: Aluminio 6061-T6
* Patilla intercambiable
* Rueda trasera de 26”
* Rueda delantera de 20”

* Longitud: 274 cm
* Anchura: 50 cm (66 cm con kit para 2 niños)

* Anchura: 50 cm
* Longitud: máxima 107 cm, mínima 96 cm

* Peso: 35,7 Kg
* Peso máximo admitido: 189-230 Kg (dependiendo de las cubiertas)


* Frenos Shimano Zee hidráulicos
* Sistema de marchas Shimano Deore 9 velocidades o Enviolo manual con correa de transmisión Gates Carbon
* Tija de sillín de diámetro 31,6 mm, longitud de 450 mm
* Sillín Triobike de gel
* Plato y bielas de aluminio
* Potencia ajustable con 110 mm de ajuste vertical

* Motor central Brose Drive S 250W / 90 Nm
* Batería de celdas de iones de litio, 3V-504Wh (14 amperios)
* Garantía del sistema eléctrico: 2 años


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