Black Iron Horse Pony 2

Black Iron Horse

The Pony 2 cargo tricycle is a suitable option for you, if you have up to two children and need some extra cargo space.

It is manufactured entirely in Denmark, so the quality of its manufacturing is guaranteed in accordance with the best European standards.

The Black Iron Horse Pony 2 integrates the Shimano Steps motor and lighting system.

Sustainability and local production

Black Iron Horse uses 100% recycled plastic to manufacture the Pony 2 box, so that no two boxes are identical and you move with the peace of mind, or the satisfaction, that your bike contributes one more point to improving the environment. In addition, the box is light and resistant, which provides both safety for your children and maximum maneuverability.

Black Iron Horse manufactures both the frames and cargo boxes in Denmark, using recycled plastic and steel from northern Europe. The rest of the parts are sourced as locally as possible, including accessories such as the hood and others (this includes Eastern European countries). All Black Iron Horse units are designed, assembled and tested in Denmark.

Innovation, design and security

Black Iron Horse combines 25 years of cargo tricycle manufacturing experience with the latest electric bicycle technology, seeking to create machines with the smoothest, most stable and safest ride possible. All aspects of rear steering have been optimized over the years based on feedback from customers. For this reason, and because of its rear steering system, Black Iron Horse tricycles surpass any other cargo tricycle in maneuverability.


  • Steering on the rear wheel (it is the rear wheel that sets the direction of travel)
  • The automatic transmission goes to first gear automatically when a stop occurs.
  • Easy access to cargo box
  • Hydraulic steering stabilizer
  • Activating the lights from the handlebar
  • Available space under and behind the seats


  • Standard color: black
  • Front brakes: hydraulic, Shimano or Tektro, with parking brake function.
  • Rear brake: hydraulic, Shimano or Tektro
  • 20" wheels
  • Weight: 44 Kg
  • Width: 86.5cm
  • Length: 202cm
  • Box capacity: 120 Kg
  • Box seating capacity: 110 kg
  • Maximum weight allowed for the driver: 110 Kg
  • Internal box volume: 227-380 liters
  • Internal measurements of the box: 89 x 66 cm
  • Frame made of precision steel, powder painted with impact resistance
  • Hood made of Sunbrella textile with removable top


  • Shimano internal gear system with 5 speeds
  • Shimano Steps E6100 motor (250w, 60 Nm) and electronic shifting. Shimano Steps SC-E6100 Display
  • Shimano 418 Wh (36V / 11.6 Ah) battery with key lock
  • Double child seat with three-point harnesses, made from recycled plastic
  • Integrated lighting system, powered by the motor battery. Axa Compactline 20 e-bike headlights; Busch & Müller micro E taillight
  • Padlock, fender, bell
  • Double wall rims
  • Schwalbe tires with puncture protection
  • Hydraulic disc brakes and parking brake


  • The indicated price DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING COSTS .

  • The photographs are for guidance only, to show different configuration options and components, so they are not contractual in nature.

  • The price indicated (if indicated) corresponds to the basic model, without extras or accessories, based on the minimum standard configuration (i.e. the most economical), and may not correspond to any or all of the photographs.

  • Due to the continuous technological development by manufacturers, we cannot guarantee that the technical sheet and list of components are completely updated. For current options and prices, contact us.

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  • €5,949.00

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