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Chike is a completely innovative cargo tricycle compared to anything seen so far. It is compact -less than 2 meters-, tilting -tilts in curves like a bicycle- and offers superior safety for both the pilot and the cargo or passengers. By avoiding lateral inertia, it is much more stable and prevents unwanted movements of the load.

The turning diameter is minimal, so its maneuverability and agility is much higher than that of conventional tricycles. The ability to tilt provides superior stability, and allows you to take corners at the natural speed of traffic, without having to slow down to avoid a possible rollover.

The combination of the Shimano Steps 6000 motor with the Alfine 8-speed automatic electronic transmission makes you forget that you have a geared bicycle. You just have to worry about pedaling, and with the degree of effort you choose.

As for its width, at 76 cm it is narrower than other tricycles with the wheels on the sides, and therefore fits over the threshold of any standard door.

The Chike Cargo has a very large rectangular box made of industrial grade wood from which the walls (optional) can be removed in a matter of seconds to transport larger volume loads.

Chike will surprise you. Its ease of driving and its agility will make you want to use it always!


Although it is not a quick task, the Chike can change format, going from the cargo version to the child transport version and vice versa. With one or two practices, the transformation process can be completed in approximately 20 minutes, and this allows you to have two bicycles in one.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES ( click here to see all accessories )

  • Eurobox boxes
  • Rear rack


  • Transportation is not included in the price of this tricycle.

  • The photographs are for guidance only, to show different configuration options and components, so they are not contractual in nature.

  • The price indicated (if indicated) corresponds to the basic model, without extras or accessories, based on the minimum standard configuration (i.e. the most economical), and may not correspond to any or all of the photographs.

  • Due to the continuous technological development by manufacturers, we cannot guarantee that the technical sheet and list of components are completely updated. For current options and prices, contact us.

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Demonstration videos


- Longitud total: 1.850 mm
- Altura total: 1.100 mm
- Altura del sillín: regulable, 860-1.070 mm

- Longitud 940 mm
- Anchura 720 mm
- Altura 560 mm


- Frenos delanteros: Tektro HD-T525 Auriga Twin
- Freno trasero: Tektro HD-T285
- Sistema de marchas shimano Alfine 8 velocidades
- Mando de cambio Alfine Rapidfire
- Bielas Suntour VX-S44
- Pedales Wellgo C221DU
- Cadena: Wipperman Connex 108
- Cubiertas delanteras Schwalbe Big Apple
- Cubierta trasera Schwalbe Big Apple Plus
- Potencia: Satori UP2 + ajustable
- Manillar: Satori Noirette
- Puños Ergon GP1
- Tija: Satori Astro
- Sillín: Velo Boing
- Peso: 30 Kg
- Peso máximo admitido: 200 Kg
- Capacidad de carga máxima delante: 80 Kg

VERSIÓN E-CARGO (diferencias)
- Motor central Shimano Steps E6000
- Batería Shimano Steps E6000
- Display Shimano Steps E6000
- Sistema de marchas Shimano Alfine DI2 8 velocidades
- Bielas Shimano Steps E6000
- Faro delantero Supernova V521s para E-bikes
- Piloto trasero Supernova E3 Tail Light 2
- Peso: 36 Kg


Las fotografías son de carácter orientativo, para mostrar diferentes opciones de configuración y componentes, por lo que no tienen carácter contractual.

El precio indicado (si se indica) corresponde al modelo básico, sin extras ni accesorios, según la configuración mínima de serie (es decir, el más económico), y puede no corresponder con alguna o ninguna de las fotografías. Para un presupuesto personalizado, ponte en contacto con nosotros.

El precio indicado puede estar sujeto a cambios de última hora aplicados por el fabricante y no reflejados en nuestra web de forma inmediata.

©Traducción o texto original de Jason Harris, con autorización del propietario de la marca.

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