Information on importing tricycles and parts from ICE Trikes

Since January 2021, all ICE brand tricycles, accessories or spare parts are subject to Customs Duties and Import Duties Administration, derived from the split of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Brexit).

This does not necessarily imply an additional delay in terms of time (beyond the manufacturer's availability), but additional costs do apply, the amount of which is unpredictable , because Customs applies random criteria for shipments of the same category.

These expenses are only known immediately prior to the delivery of the merchandise and when the material is already in Madrid, so we have no way of anticipating the final extra cost.

In simple terms, any tricycle or material from ICE will have a final price that could be up to 10% or even higher than that indicated on the website (for the most basic models) or in the quote that we provide you.

Please keep this information in mind before placing an ICE order.

The units that are available in the store (in stock) already reflect these expenses on the price tag and it is not necessary to apply any increase to them.