ICE Adventure 26

The ICE Adventure 26 is a multipurpose tricycle, with a high position that allows it to be used on unpaved roads and rocky terrain without the risk of rubbing the ground with the frame.

At the same time, the elevated seat position makes it easier to sit and stand up more comfortably . If necessary, there is an accessory to raise the seat further . For these reasons, this trike is ideal for senior cyclists and also for people with reduced leg mobility.

The ICE Adventure is a widely configurable trike and can be opted for full, partial or no suspension. It can also be configured with a motor and with different components, according to the needs of each user. Contact us to learn about different options. You can also enter the ICE configurator (link below) and experiment with different configurations.




  • Transportation is not included in the price of this trike.

  • The photographs are for guidance only, to show different configuration options and components, so they are not contractual in nature.

  • The indicated price always corresponds to the most basic configuration available, and does not include extras or accessories; may not correspond to any or all of the photographs.

  • The last valid price will always be the one available in each manufacturer's configurator ; and this will prevail in any price discrepancy (which usually occurs when manufacturers update or change their prices).

  • Due to the continuous technological development by manufacturers, we cannot guarantee that the technical sheet and list of components are completely updated. For current options and prices, contact us.

  • ©Translation or original text by Jason Harris, with permission of the trademark owner.


- Anchura total: 825 mm
- Altura máxima: 800 mm
- Longitud: entre 1.650 y 1.870 mm
- Anchura plegado: 825 mm
- Altura plegado: entre 560 y 710 mm
- Longitud plegado: entre 900 y 1080 mm
- Altura del asiento: 310 mm
- Anchura del asiento: 380 mm
- Profundidad del asiento: 250 mm
- Ángulo de ajuste del asiento: de 38 a 51 grados
- Diámetro de giro: 4,8 metros
- Peso máximo admitido: 125 Kg
- Peso: desde 16,5 Kg
- Para ciclistas con talla in-seam entre 940 y 1207 mm (¿qué es la talla in-seam?)
- Anchura de pista: 960 mm
- Distancia entre ejes: 960 mm
- Altura mínima al suelo: 150 mm


Las fotografías son de carácter orientativo, para mostrar diferentes opciones de configuración y componentes, por lo que no tienen carácter contractual.

El precio indicado (si se indica) corresponde al modelo básico, sin extras ni accesorios, según la configuración mínima de serie (es decir, el más económico), y puede no corresponder con alguna o ninguna de las fotografías. Para un presupuesto personalizado, ponte en contacto con nosotros.

©Traducción o texto original de Jason Harris, con autorización del propietario de la marca.

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