Seat cover ICE ErgoLux seat


Seat cover, manufactured by ICE for their trikes. It is the most comfortable trike seat on the market, and its design is captivating. Designed to offer the highest level of comfort and back support.

Its breathable fabric maximizes air flow, and the extra ergonomic padding on the base and sides increases that feeling of comfort.

The tension of the backrest can be adjusted to suit each cyclist.

This seat version incorporates anchors for sidepods or side panniers, eliminating the need for the straps to rest on the back of the seat.

It has a pocket at the top, with a sealed zipper to prevent water, and enough capacity to store keys or your cell phone.

The reflectors incorporated into the sides of the seat provide unbeatable lateral visibility when illuminated by any vehicle.

Its compatibility is only guaranteed with ICE trikes.

The different versions of the cover are for the Adventure models (since 2017), Adventure HD, Sprint X Tour and all previous versions of the Sprint.

In any case, before purchasing this product, contact us to ensure compatibility with your trike.

  • €211.00