Canya Bike


Canya Bike is a semi-recumbent bicycle, designed specifically for MTB practice without suffering the discomfort and possible negative effects of a conventional mountain bike.

The cyclist's posture is somewhere between reclining (too inclined to enjoy complete and agile mobility on difficult terrain) and vertical (uncomfortable - even potentially harmful - posture, pain in the butt and other parts of the body, great ease of being thrown over the handlebars).

Two main objectives have been pursued throughout the design process: comfort and maneuverability. And the result is outstanding: a bike that is easy to handle, agile, fast, maneuverable and safe, as well as being incomparably more comfortable than an upright MTB.

On the other hand, for cyclists who are looking for a recumbent bike but are scared or uncomfortable by a very inclined posture or the cyclist's low position in relation to traffic, the Canya Bike is perfect because it solves these problems in addition to being ridden with the same ease as a conventional bicycle. . For this reason, the Canya Bike can represent an interesting advantage for urban cyclists who feel uncomfortable on an upright bike.

As for weight, the lightness of a bicycle of these dimensions is surprising, something that is appreciated when picking up the bicycle to lift it.

The Canya Bike is a bicycle manufactured entirely in Spain, and is currently produced only to order. You have the possibility of choosing the version that best suits your taste but it can also be customized to your liking, with total freedom of choice of components.

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