Mirrycle rearview mirror


The Mountain Mirrycle is a high-quality glass mirror, with a 3-inch circular surface and slightly convex, enough to increase the field of vision, but without moving objects too far away. Many mirrors have an exaggerated curvature, which makes objects behind you appear to be further away than they really are, or a very small specular surface, giving you a very small field of view.

The holding arm is made of polycarbonate, a hard and very resistant plastic, with a metal structure, and is articulated at two points, which allows the mirror to be placed in any position, giving you the viewing angle you need. And it doesn't move an inch from its position. It doesn't vibrate, it doesn't dance, it doesn't dislodge... it's solid, and as reliable as any car or motorcycle.

In addition, it can be folded inwards, so that it does not protrude, on narrow paths or surrounded by vegetation.

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