SON Edelux II headlight for hub dynamos


The Edelux II range headlights are designed to be powered by a hub dynamo with 6 volt output.

Even at low speeds, the Edelux II headlamp will provide you with a uniform and flicker-free light flow. Driving at high speed, the light output increases to 100 Lux.

It has a position light that will remain on for up to 4 minutes after stopping.

This headlight should not be connected to direct current systems (electric bikes, for example).

The coaxial cable for connection to the hub dynamo is firmly welded and protected within its housing, avoiding the possibility of vulnerable connections. The rear light is connected via a faston type connector, but it is not necessary to connect the rear light for it to work.

The light beam is designed to provide powerful light but without blinding vehicles or pedestrians coming in front, and meets the requirements of German traffic regulations ( ISO 6742 standard ).

It is supplied in cable lengths of 140, 60 and 36 cm. Includes white reflective.

  • €149.00

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