Pendix eDrive 300 electric kit


Pendix is ​​a universal electrical kit, installable on almost any bicycle. Simple, elegant, intuitive, very comfortable and easy to use and made up of a small number of elements.

Just as other electrical kits include an external controller and a display to control the functions - all with its own external wiring - the Pendix lacks superfluous elements that have been integrated into the rest of the parts. It is designed to pedal, forgetting that you have a motor and manipulating it while driving.

If you prefer to have all your route data on the handlebars, you can use the battery's Bluetooth function to connect with your smartphone and open the PRO app.

The battery has a USB-C interface to charge external devices such as your mobile phone.

On the top of the battery there is a dial that allows you to change the mode - eco, smart or sport - depending on the type of use you want to give it. And that's it!

Its operation is 100% silent, it does not vibrate and it looks great on any bicycle. If you are looking for style and functionality, this is your engine.

The motor offers a power of 250W, with a maximum torque of 65 Nm.


The Pendix is ​​a motor with a torque sensor, that is, it constantly measures the force exerted by the cyclist when pedaling and responds in the same proportion. In this way, the motor always offers a force proportional to what is necessary at each moment: it assists more strongly in starts and uphill slopes, with minimal or no assistance on flat surfaces and downhill slopes.

Engine characteristics

  • Brushless bottom bracket motor
  • 250W rated power
  • Maximum assisted speed: 25 km/h
  • 3 modes of use (power levels): Eco, Smart and Sport.
  • Maximum torque: 65 Nm

Features of the 300Wh battery

  • Removable lithium-ion battery
  • Capacity: 300 Wh nominal
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Charging cycles: 500
  • Maximum range: 79 km*
  • Minimum range: 41 km*

* According to the manufacturer, in ideal conditions.

Weight of the Pendix 300 kit: 6.9 Kg.


1. The installation of the Pendix electrical kit can only be carried out by a professional. If you live outside of Madrid and cannot bring your bicycle personally, we can take care of its collection and delivery (involves additional expense).

2. Depending on the type of bicycle, the installation may require some additional elements, such as an extra-long cable for the speed sensor, a battery anchor set for non-perforated frames, etc. Ask us for a quote to know the final total for your bike.

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  • €1,650.00

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Opiniones de clientes

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Francisco Mira
Ergonómico y simple, eterno.

Impermeable y robusto, responde proporcionalmente al par ejercido sobre el pedal izquierdo (en mí opinión debería ser sensible a ambos).
Otros aspectos a mejorar:
La longitud de biela es larga, no es opcional, y ni siquiera viene preparada para un eventual fresado de acortamiento conveniente a menores envergaduras.
El intervalo de cadencias, es demasiado estrecho, sobretodo por la parte alta, por dónde no debería tener tope.