Pow Unity GPS Tracker


PowUnity is a GPS tracker for electric bikes . It is designed to be powered through the bike's main battery and to be installed hidden in the motor case.

In this way, it is hidden from view and is undetectable without disassembling the engine or using a special detector .

In addition, this means that you do not have to take out the GPS to charge it periodically.

The Bike Trax connects to your mobile phone through its specific app, and will allow you to know where your bike is at all times. The system will notify you as soon as the bike moves .

It is one more point of security for your bike and also to obtain insurance for your bicycle, due to recovery guarantees.

The device is subject to an annual payment for SIM card use , which is included free for the entire first year (39.50 euros for the full year).

The PowUnity is compatible with the following engines:

  • bosch
  • Brose
  • Shimano
  • Universal (consult)


  • €199.90

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