The Quest is a particularly fast, comfortable, efficient velomobile and offers excellent protection against cold and bad weather.

The body of the Quest is made entirely of carbon fiber.

The integration of the front wheels inside the fairing allows the Quest to have a completely smooth surface, which improves its aerodynamics and increases the top speed compared to other similar velomobiles with exposed wheels.

Compared to a road bike, the speed difference at 30 km/h can be 10 km/h more. On the flat, the Quest would travel at 40 km/h where a road bike would travel at 30 km/h. You can check it in the following video:

Main features:

  • Full suspension on all three wheels
  • Single-sided forks for easy replacement of punctured tubes
  • The entire chain circuit is completely protected: this ensures very low maintenance.
  • Ample luggage space, ideal for carrying the necessary camping equipment.
  • The Quest is equipped as standard with a complete lighting system: front, rear, brake light and turn signals.
  • The minimum ground clearance is enough to not worry about rubbing against the underbody in normal circulation.
  • Thick section tires to ensure comfort as well as good cruising speed.
  • Equipped with interior light and Cateye speedometer
  • Delivered with a Radical Design bag, tools and spare tubes.


  • Transportation is not included in the price of this velomobile.

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  • The price indicated (if indicated) corresponds to the basic model, without extras or accessories, based on the minimum standard configuration (i.e. the most economical), and may not correspond to any or all of the photographs.

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