R&M Transporter 65 Vario

Riese & Müller

The new Transporter from Riese & Müller is the successor to the Packster 60/80, with the frame inspired by those original lines so characteristic of the brand.


The Transporter 65 has focused on family use and transportation of children. With this provision, the box has space for a double bench with repositionable seats and two 5-point harnesses. The bench fabric is robust and durable, and easy to clean.

For the first time, the box has a side access door so that children can access it without having to lift them. In front of the seats there is a practical space with a capacity of 15 liters, which can be used to insert your feet or to transport some cargo under your feet.

Two 30x40 cm boxes (Eurobox format) fit perfectly in the cargo box if the child seat is installed. Without the seat, up to 3 such boxes fit.

The box material is polypropylene, a 100% recyclable plastic.

The optional hood allows children up to 165 cm to be accommodated under it. It is very easy to assemble and provides protection from the cold for both children and the driver's hands. The seams are sealed to prevent the passage of water. The side walls can be rolled up for when it's not cold, and the large shade area protects children from the sun when it is shining brightly. The hood is adjustable in height.

In its upper part, the hood has a flexible compartment for light objects.

Use with pets has also been planned, and for this R&M optionally offers a kit for dogs, consisting of a flat pad that occupies the entire bottom of the box, and a strap adjustable in length so that the dog cannot jump while moving. The mat is compatible with the use of the space under the floor and the animal can easily mount and dismount in the compartment thanks to the side door.

For those who do not want to have the hood on this model, they can opt for an upper canvas, which protects the contents of the box from rain and prying eyes.



  • White or black colors
  • Enviolo 380 gear system and carbon drive belt for minimal maintenance
  • Equipped with Bosch Smart System
  • Bosch Performance line motor with 75 Nm torque
  • Automatic assistance mode
  • Purion Display (optional Kiox 300 or Intuvia 100)
  • 500 Wh battery (optionally 545 Wh, 725 Wh or Dual Battery)
  • Satori stem fully adjustable in height
  • Improved stand, easier to get on and off the bike even with a load.
  • Locking padlock on the rear wheel. Optional chain
  • Optionally can be equipped with the RX Chip

  • €5,899.00

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