BicyLift Trailer


The BicyLift trailer is designed to lift and transport a palletized load in the most common format in Europe, the 120x80 cm Euro Pallet.

The geometry of the chassis allows the use of transverse axle hubs (made of CNC 7005 aluminum with a diameter of 15 mm), providing high resistance to the 20” wheels, specially designed to withstand the forces for which it is intended.

Under fundamental principles such as ergonomics and maximum functionality, the BicyLift trailer has an adjustable tow bar, which incorporates all the controls necessary for its use. To begin with, it can be fixed at three angles that allow you to carry the trailer by hand, transport it by bicycle or leave it resting on the ground so that it rests horizontally. In addition, anchoring to the bicycle can be done with one hand and in a single movement.

In order to increase safety and comply with regulations in this matter, the BicyLift has a unique braking system incorporated. Through an inertia control system integrated into the bicycle hitch, the trailer brakes are activated with a force proportional to that of the bicycle braking. But in addition, the tow bar incorporates a manual brake lever for use when the trailer is pushed or dragged by hand. The disc brakes are dual-piston mechanical disc brakes, from the TRP Spyre brand.

Despite the large dimensions of a Euro Pallet (120x80cm), the external width of the trailer remains only 113 cm. This allows it to be moved through narrow streets and between bollards, without being subject to access schedules, to deliver anywhere in the city, even inside shopping centers.

The BicyLift is equipped with Schwalbe Big Apple Plus tires. Apart from their significant load capacity, these tires do a very good job of reducing vibrations, something important when driving on uneven surfaces such as cobblestone streets.


  • Empty weight: 25 Kg
  • Empty exterior dimensions: 190 (length) x 113 (width)
  • Three-position towing arm: manual, bicycle or rest
  • Steel chassis made in France
  • 20-inch wheels with Mach 650 series double-wall rims, with steel spokes and Aivee hubs
  • Inertia brake + manual control TRP Spyre
  • Reelight lighting system, induction, with front and rear lights
  • €2,378.00

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