Cockpit Mount Mini accessory holder


The Cockpit Mount Mini is a T-shaped extension for the handlebars of your trike or tricycle. Its function is to facilitate and increase space for the placement of accessories such as rearview mirror, speedometer, bell, lights or other similar items. At the same time it serves as a horizontal support to rest your hand.


The Cockpit Mount Mini fits any hollow handlebar, with a diameter of 22.2 mm (the usual diameter). It is attached to the handlebars using a threaded clamp and secured with two allen screws. The diameter of the horizontal tube is 22.2 mm, the same as any normal handlebar, so it is possible to attach any bicycle accessory.

It is not recommended to attach bicycle control devices, such as shift or brake levers, to this part. 100 mm wide and 75 mm high, it requires 38 mm of insertion into the handlebar tube to sit 38 mm above the end of the handlebar. Requires 10 mm of free handlebar.

  • €50.00

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