Streamer (recumbent windshield)

HP Velotechnik

The Streamer is a windshield for recumbent bikes and trikes that serves several functions.

  • It partially protects from the cold by preventing the cyclist from receiving air directly from the front. It also partially protects (up to half the torso) from rain and hail.
  • Improves aerodynamics by having better aerodynamic penetration with a homogeneous and rounded front surface.
  • It increases the speed of the cyclist when the wind is from the tail, since in this position it acts like a sail.

The Streamer is flexible and foldable, and can be perfectly adjusted to different positions.

The holding post also serves as a support for accessories.

It can be adapted to almost any recumbent model, although it is not recommended to install it on Low Racer type models such as SpeedMachine, Toxy ZR, Raptobike Lowracer and similar.

It is available in a standard version or with a hole to place a front light (and avoid reflections).


Information updated in September 2020.

  • €599.00

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