Hase Wheat UP

The Trigo UP incorporates a great innovation for the trike segment: the upper handlebar, available on very few recumbent tricycles. This translates into operation that will be familiar from the first moment even to older people.

The comfort and stability of a recumbent trike are combined with great ease and range of adjustments. The seat moves on rails to modify the size without the need for tools and without the need to adjust the length of the chain. The handlebar is also widely adjustable.

This trike can be adjusted for people of sizes between 1.40 and 2.00 meters.

Hase has provided for this trike the possibility of adding different specifically designed accessories, as well as the addition of a rear-mounted Shimano Steps motor.

Ask us about options and accessories available for this trike.


  • Transportation is not included in the price of this trike.

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