Triobike Boxter Air II

Triobike Boxter Air II

The Boxter, now with a Bafang engine.

Triobike eliminates the Promovec motorization and takes a step forward by offering Bafang motorization. This version is much more affordable than with the German Brose engine but still offers very powerful torque, up to 80Nm, which allows you to tackle slopes without difficulties.


The Triobike Boxter can carry a lot of things. Children, pets, shopping, gardening tools, large packages, even a Christmas tree.

The box's fully square design maximizes its load capacity. The floor has a non-slip coating and the box has been manufactured in a single piece - which reinforces its structure - and without corners or edges that could be harmful or sharp. Perfect for the safety of children.

The hood allows children or pets to shelter from the cold but without losing the views. And it can be placed and removed very easily so that using the bike in any weather is not cumbersome or uncomfortable.


The box of the Triobike Boxter is large, light and robust. The molding manufacturing technique achieves a single piece without joints, with rounded edges that make it more comfortable for the user and more resistant to shocks.

The interior of the box is square, with straight lines, which expands the living space and space for carrying boxes. The box is very resistant and safe for the occupants, as it is made of low-density, high-resistance polyurethane foam. The floor has a non-slip coating to increase safety when getting children on and off the bike.


The safety and comfort of your children are the most important thing. The Triobike Boxter seat is ergonomic and free of harmful chemicals, PVC and heavy metals.

Still, the materials have been carefully selected so that a melted ice cream or a chocolate drip can be easily cleaned.

The seat can be folded to provide more space if you need to carry packages and you are not taking children. And you can configure your Triobike Boxter without, with two or with four seats.


The hood is made water, fire and fade proof thanks to its specially treated acrylic fibers. In addition to the front and side windows, it has a rear window so that parents can see their little ones while driving and check that everything is okay. Triobike hoods are hand-sewn in Denmark.


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Cuadro: Aluminio 7005
Caja: Espuma de ABS PU formado en vacío
Rueda trasera de 26"
Ruedas delanteras de 20"

Longitud: 225 cm
Anchura: 91 cm
Peso: 31,5 Kg
Peso máximo admitido en la caja: 110 Kg

Longitud: externa 80 cm, interna 74 cm
Anchura: externa 113 cm, interna 83 cm


Frenos delanteros de disco hidráulicos Tektro, con sistema de bloqueo
Freno trasero Shimano roller brake
Sistema de marchas internas Shimano Nexus de 8 velocidades
Tija del sillín Ø: 31,6 mm, longitud 450 mm
Sillín Triobike de gel
Plato y bielas de aluminio
Potencia ajustable
Manillar: altura desde el suello 117 cm, anchura 65 cm


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