3ike Trainer 1.0: our training roller for trikes and handbikes

Posted by Jason Harris on

Our first training roller designed for trikes and handbikes is here, made with parts made and obtained in Spain. You can buy it here .

The 3ike Trainer is a roller for tricycles and handbikes with a driving wheel, which is the one that rests on the cylinders. The rotating cylinders, of standard width, facilitate rolling by preventing the wheel from coming off from the sides.

One of the rollers allows for more forward or backward placement in three positions, for greater user comfort. However, the central position is compatible with 20", 26" or larger wheels without the need to make changes.

The 3ike Trainer is very stable and stores in a very compact space.

The roller raises the drive wheel, so some users may prefer to place raises on the other two wheels to maintain the horizontality of the trike or handbike.


  • Measurements: length 40 cm x width 46 cm x height 10 cm
  • Weight: 7.1 Kg

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