R&M Load 75: probably the best cargo bike you can find

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There are many cargo bicycles. The selection available today is overwhelming, and it is known that the greater the range available, the more difficult it is to make a decision on which one to choose.

However, this changes when you try any other cargobike and compare it to a Load 75 from Riese & Müller . In less than a minute you have already found the first '7 differences'. And with use, you confirm and find more aspects that put this superbike far ahead of all the others.

Obviously, there is a notable price difference that each user will have to evaluate. Of course, it is not a cheap bike, but the majority of users who try it, and especially those who already own it, feel that they would buy this bike again. Someone has even told me that they would be willing to pay more for it if necessary.

And what makes the Load 75 better?

At first glance you can already see the quality of its materials, the welds, the components, and the solidity. The sensation it transmits is more that of the solidity and stability of a motorcycle than that of the lightness and lightness of a bicycle.

It has to be like this, because a cargo bike capable of carrying around 200 kg of weight cannot be light, and it is important that it be stable. These details are obvious and become much more evident if you put (almost) any other cargobike next to it (obviously there are other very high-end models in which manufacturing quality is not a differential element).

Load 75 with cargo box and canvas lid

Welds are just one of those elements that denote the difference in quality, and they are surely the first on the list. A bad weld, or not so good, attracts attention, and is probably the most important, since the life of your cargobike frame directly depends on it.

The components of this bicycle have been chosen with exquisite dedication, and are of the highest quality materials. Nothing you would do without to carry your children in the maximum safety conditions available on a bicycle.

For example, Tektro TRP brakes are designed specifically for cargo bikes , which have to handle a much greater weight than a conventional bike. For this reason, the brake pads have two pistons (more surface area in contact with the brake discs) and the discs are thicker, to be able to withstand the greater heating associated with more powerful friction without suffering deformations. This means that you can stop the bike in optimal safety conditions even on fast descents and steep slopes . Very few cargobikes have brakes in this category, and it is easy to understand why they are so important.

Another fundamental element in security is the lighting system . To ride a bicycle safely, the first rule is to be well visible, and surely the most important element to ensure is to have a good lighting system. The Load 75 offers two versions of lights, which are permanently connected when we turn on the electrical system, so that whenever we are riding the bicycle we will see it well. Furthermore, these headlights are very powerful and allow driving in conditions of total darkness because their power and quality standards are equivalent to those of any automobile. You won't have to recharge them, as they are powered by the engine battery, and you will never be left without light. The Load 75 also has a brake light in the rear light, so driving through traffic becomes even safer by transmitting the message to drivers that we are applying the brake.

R&M Load 75 rear suspension

Full suspension is an item that many people would consider an unnecessary luxury; But when you get on a cargobike and ride on a street with uneven surfaces, potholes or cobblestones, you realize in an instant how important it is for the bike to move smoothly and without rattles. The suspension not only makes circulation more comfortable; Its main function is to increase safety by avoiding rebounds, vibrations and increasing the grip of the bicycle on the road surface .

The tires are part of that passive safety system. The Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tires are extra thick and very comfortable, without having a negative impact on friction with the ground. Thick tires help absorb road irregularities and provide superior comfort in addition to the cushioning system.

The motor is a Bosch Cargo Line , a highly efficient and precise machine that is programmed for use in heavyweight bicycles. It manages to move a bicycle with these characteristics with an ease that you would not imagine and an astonishing smoothness of operation. With an engine like this you have guarantees of the best German engineering.

The design is incredibly striking and also reveals the German engineering behind it. Not only is it a beautiful bike, looking sporty and robust at the same time, but it is agile, fast and corners as well as any other bike, if not better . A good design includes carefully studied geometries that help the bicycle move safely even at speeds that you would not imagine on a bike of this type.

This design also helps the bicycle to be handled by people of very different heights . The seat post can be raised or lowered a lot, and the handlebar is adjustable in depth and height to adapt to different arm lengths. You won't find this on many cargo bikes either and it is usually distinctive of a few brands (usually the best).

Fully adjustable handlebar

Its load capacity , not so much due to weight (there are many cargobikes capable of transporting the same weight) but due to the ability to carry up to 3 children , makes it superior to most two-wheeled bicycles. We are talking about the fact that very few cargo bikes can carry 3 children, and almost none will do so in the comfort and safety conditions of the Load 75. Of course, hoods and seats with safety harnesses are available so that children are safe.

Cargo bike to carry up to 3 children

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