CCRI 2022: Valladolid, May 13-16 (#CCRI2022)

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The countdown has already begun for the 2022 Reclining Concentration , which we are going to celebrate in Valladolid on May 14 and 15 . We have published in some points 'from 13 to 16' because those who come from afar dedicate those days to moving from one point to another.

In case you are thinking about it, here is a small appetizer to help you decide:

Broadly speaking, the program is as follows:



  • Meeting at 09:30 in the Plaza de Zorrilla .
  • Departure at 10:00 on a circular route. We head along the bike path that borders the Pinar de Antequera ; We will make a brief visit to Simancas , a town with unique architecture and whose most representative building is the Simancas Castle, which houses the General Archive of Simancas .

  • We will make a stop for light supplies at La Baruva, a beach bar with an outdoor terrace in a wonderful garden on the banks of the Pisuerga, next to the Simancas Bridge.
  • This route will be approximately 30-35 km. Since the route is circular, it is necessary to complete it completely. The total accumulated gradient of this route is about 100m.


  • Meeting at 09:30 in the Plaza de Zorrilla.
  • Departure at 10:00 on an urban route to see the most interesting points of Valladolid.
  • Next we will drive towards the Canal de Castilla , along which we will travel a section of about 4.7 km. We will have the opportunity to see two locks.
  • We will return to the point where we will head towards the Pisuerga and visit the mouth of the Esgueva .
  • We will continue to the crossroads between Paseo Juan Carlos Primero and Esgueva, where we will stop to eat at the La Terraza Encantada restaurant.
  • The estimated length of this route is approximately 20 km to the lunch point and back. It is a completely flat route.
  • At that point we will offer whoever wants the possibility of continuing along the Esgueva, at each person's will and according to their desire to continue pedaling. You will return along the same path to the center of Valladolid.

YOU ARE GOING TO COME? Contact us at or 656 91 96 71.

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