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Little by little, as recumbent bikes (especially trikes) gain in popularity, the range of accessories available is expanding and adapting to different vehicles and uses.

This week we have expanded our catalog with several references that you may find very interesting:

Hydration bags for mesh seats and fiberglass seats

Until now you had to make a living to attach a Camelbak to a trike or a recumbent... But not anymore. The TerraCycle bag designed specifically to fit in reclining seats solves the problem.

Suitable for two or three liter water bags, it is placed on the back of the seat and matches your bicycle or trike. You don't need to take out the entire backpack to remove the bag, you can do it from the side. You want to see them?

Support for accessories on handlebars with lever changes (triathlon type)

Although HP Velotechnik will soon launch the accessory mount, TerraCycle has a Cockpit Mount to place any device that may be useful to the top of your handlebars... even if you have barend type gears.

The space is generous: it fits a cell phone + a GPS, or a camera, or some similar device. And, if you want, you can put one on each side of the handlebars.

Training roller for trikes

And we take this opportunity to remind you, now that winter is coming, and you feel less like going outside, especially on bad days. If you have the urge to pedal or don't want to stop exercising despite the cold, here is a very compact and affordable roller to pedal in front of the TV:

From now on you can have these accessories. You can buy them online or order them by phone or email; whatever is most comfortable for you.

Enjoy your machine!

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