Riese & Müller: cargobikes with electric assistance up to 45 km/h and legal in Spain

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That many electric motors exceed 250W and 25 km/h is nothing new. But the law allows them to circulate freely on public roads in Spain, it is.

Riese & Müller has become the first manufacturer of bicycles with electric assistance of up to 45 km/h with legal permission to circulate in Spain, thanks to the national approval of its HS (High Speed) models. And this applies, of course, to their cargo models, the entire Load and Packster range, which you can find at 3ike.

An electric bicycle limited to 45 km/h moves with a power and speed similar to that of a moped, and it is precisely in that category where these bicycle models fall. Therefore, the Load HS (any version) and the Packster HS (any version) are equipped by default with a license plate with lighting and a front and rear lighting system, with a brake light function. These bicycles must be registered and registered in the General Directorate of Traffic as mopeds. Of course, to drive them you require a type B1 driving license or a moped driving license (AM).

With each bicycle, the manufacturer provides the technical documentation to register the vehicle in Traffic, and we help you with this management.


It is very likely that 45 km/h seems like an excessive speed for riding a bicycle.

But when you move in urban traffic, among motor vehicles that circulate with a lot of power and speed, it is a relief and gives you a lot of security to be able to move at a pace similar to that of all that traffic.

On a bicycle with assistance up to 25 km/h, which is a very moderate speed, the power cut to the motor is immediately noticeable, and you feel that you are going significantly below your natural speed. Depending on your profile, and especially if you are an experienced person, it is very likely that 25 km/h will soon fall short for you. Believe me, I speak from experience.

And, if you can opt for more, why not do it? After all, the main purpose of a cargo bike is to replace the car as often as possible.


Having the technical capacity to travel up to 45 km/h does not mean that you have to, or will, always travel at the maximum speed that the engine allows. On the contrary, you will exceed the modest speed of 25 km/h to usually move around 30 to 35 km/h, which are comfortable and practical speeds. But if you need more speed, you will have it.

Busch & Müller bicycles, equipped with front or full suspension, move incredibly agilely and perfectly support any irregularity in the road surface without the bicycle or the user barely noticing it, even at high speeds. This makes the grip optimal and transmits stability and safety to the vehicle, which is essential especially when we carry children.

Likewise, if you do not move through urban traffic, or cover small distances between nearby towns, you will appreciate being able to travel at a speed that does not limit you (after all, 25 km/h is reached quickly), and cover those distances with greater comfort.

Do you have more questions? Do you want to know these bicycles and convince yourself? We are here to help you. Write to info@3ike.es or call 656 91 96 71 :-)

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  • Hola Jose.

    Supongo que para obtener la homologación, el fabricante habrá tenido que demostrar que la bicicleta puede con 200 Kg y con 45 Km/h. Lo normal no es llevar la bici al máximo de su capacidad en peso, y tampoco circular siempre a 45 km/h. Saludos!

    3ike on
  • Se ve muy bien , dudas ? Esta prueba se hizo con que nivel de carga para lograr ese rendimiento, saludos

    Jose Navarro on

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