Traveling with Gofio: from Madrid to Tenerife by Trike

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One of the things that fascinates me the most since I've been reclining are the personal stories of the people I've met through this wonderful job.

One of the most recent is that of Marta and Chemi, a couple from the Canary Islands (from the Canary Islands, that is) who have always enjoyed life and sports outdoors. For health reasons, Marta needed to find a way to ride a bicycle that would allow her to do so with the safety that a trike offers.

A little less than two months ago I had the opportunity to meet them during their visit to Madrid to try the trikes and check if they corresponded to what they were looking for. They loved the tricycles and, instead of placing an order to receive it at home.... They decided to come pick them up in person and take them pedaling to Tenerife! (In Huelva you will be allowed the license to take a ferry to the Canary archipelago; we forgive you).

To make it easier for Marta to move her trike, and loaded with luggage as she is going to carry it, we are finishing installing an engine on her brand new red Gekko that is yet to be baptized and at the beginning of this week they will be ready to embark on a trip that will last. ..whatever has to last.

Chemi is an ace with the camera and has already published on YouTube the first chapters of the story of this great little journey , in which Marta will overcome her difficulties and test herself daily.

Along the way they will meet friends that they have already had the opportunity to meet on their visits to Madrid and who will surely accompany them during different parts of the tour.

We hope that this trip, which has started on such a good foot (thank you, Andrés, for your generosity) you like it as much as we have liked it before we started. Marta and Chemi... a hug and good pedal!

For those of you who are wondering what or who Gofio is... you will find it in Chapter 1.

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