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Rarely does a recumbent debut barefoot, with the basic standard configuration and no accessories. Everyone likes to personalize their bicycle and, above all, everyone likes to be safe and carry the necessary equipment for possible eventualities.

Over the years that we have been selling recumbent bikes and trikes, our own experience and that of others end up putting on the table a small list of commonly selected options that are worth betting on from the beginning. And we are not talking about configuration, but about accessories.

And what are those essentials? Well, we'll tell you about it below.

Rear view mirrors

Most vehicles have rearview mirrors so that the driver knows at all times which vehicles are following him and takes this information into account when making any maneuver or movement.

On a conventional bicycle, where mirrors are usually not available, it is easy to turn around and take a quick look.

But the posture of a recumbent cyclist makes it difficult to turn your head back to see which vehicles are following us. And this is information that can save our lives. Therefore, in a recumbent the use of rear-view mirrors is essential, and I would say absolutely mandatory if we are going to use it as a vehicle to circulate around the city and between cars.

Our favorite mirror is the Mirrycle, due to a combination of good visibility, lightness, solidity and ease of placement. Our second option, the B&M, available through HP Velotechnik for trikes with and without front suspension.

You can see more mirrors in the mirror section .

Visibility flag

There are many occasions in which it is not necessary to carry a flag, because our visibility is not particularly important: walks in the countryside, parks, greenways, traffic-free areas...

But if we move between cars, the flag is essential, as it highlights our presence above -literally- other vehicles taller than ours (especially if we are in a low vehicle such as a tricycle or a low racer). And it also attracts a lot of attention.

The flag will give us greater security if it is highly visible (bright colors) and even more so if it has reflectors. Adding fringe, ribbons or a beloved flag is one way to increase that visibility even more.


Lights are another fundamental element for your safety, and not only for night use. Powerful lights will increase your visibility even during the day, and during times of poor visibility, lights are absolutely necessary.

Nowadays there are true wonders in bicycle lights. For all pockets and uses. Due to our experience with them, our preference is for dynamo lights, as they guarantee that you have light - front and rear - whenever you use your bicycle, and you know that you will never be left without light because it is your energy that turns it on.

If you want to see the options we offer, go to our Lighting and Visibility section.

Luggage rack (or saddlebags for seat)

Unlike a conventional bike, on a recumbent it is not possible, or not easy, to carry a backpack. In our pockets we can carry some keys, a cell phone, a wallet, and little else if we want to be able to pedal. Furthermore, in the reclined position it is common for small objects to fall out of our pockets, including our cell phone (I have already gotten a shock-proof one for that same reason).

To have that extra space we should choose a luggage rack (support for conventional saddlebags, or for a top bag) or seat saddlebags.

The rack has the advantage that it allows you to use any conventional saddlebag; after all, the anchoring system is universal.

Seat saddlebags (specific for recumbent) avoid adding the weight of a rack and are usually lighter than conventional saddlebags, as the material is usually 100% textile and highly resistant. Furthermore, you can find them in very different sizes, depending on your needs, and there are models with much higher capacity.

In our saddlebags section you will find many models to choose from.

Other interesting accessories (although not so essential)

  • Headrest. Although it is not strictly necessary, the truth is that many users find it comfortable to have a headrest to relax even more in the seat of their recliner. In cases where the seat tilts a lot, the headrest may become a necessity.

  • Mudguard. They are a good ally to keep your bike or trike clean of mud and splashes. And above all to keep the neck dry! If you live in an area with little rainfall, then you won't need them. But if you use your recumbent in rainy areas, we highly recommend them.

  • Doorbell or horn. Spanish law requires you to carry a bell on your bicycle (in addition to front and rear reflectors). A bell serves to warn pedestrians of our presence and avoid collisions. However, pedestrians can often be hard of hearing and any doorbell will not do. The ones that never fail are the 'ring-ring' type, since their traditional sound is louder than others and everyone identifies them with a bicycle...... For use in traffic, a bell serves as a little, since the noise of the engines usually drowns out the sound of a normal doorbell. For these cases we recommend the AirZound, a speaker more powerful than any car horn, it is totally ecological and rechargeable and its weight is minimal.

Helmet suitable for reclining. Most helmets available are made for a forward tilted head position. They are aerodynamic for that position, but not for a reclined posture in which we hold our head upright or slightly tilted back. And when we lean on the headrest, the protruding shape of the rear part of the helmet can be very uncomfortable. At 3ike we have found a helmet that we like, firstly for its form and function, and secondly for its aesthetics. It is flat at the back, incorporates retractable photochromic glasses, has a reflector and a taillight. Take a look and see what you think...

Accessory holder. The arrangement of the handlebars on tricycles, vertically instead of horizontally, complicates the placement of common accessories such as speedometer, GPS, mobile phone or other similar items. TerraCycle manufactures a support called Cockpit Mount Mini, perfect for expanding space on the handlebars and turning it into a small 'dashboard'. Although you also have other options.

If you need guidance on accessories available for your recliner, you can consult our general accessories section. If you are looking for something that you can't find there, you can contact us.

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